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Spatial data services: Put our field asset management expertise to work.

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ActiveG PowerSync™ is a simple, powerful tool for using GIS data to create and update Maximo Assets and Locations, and prepare your Maximo data for spatial visualization in Maximo.

Whether you're loading data into Maximo for the first time, or you want better data management for Maximo, ActiveG PowerSync efficiently and easily gives Maximo quality data based upon Esri ArcGIS map services.

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ActiveG MapEngine™ seamlessly integrates your Esri ArcGIS and IBM Maximo systems, embedding dynamic maps directly into IBM's strategic asset management solution.

ActiveG MapEngine brings Maximo and Esri ArcGIS together by map-enabling your Maximo system, and integrating Maximo and ArcGIS at both the data and application levels.

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The award-winning ActiveG InformME app, built on Interloc Solutions' Mobile Informer, brings seamless Maximo integration to mobile applications. With maps powered by ActiveG, InformME brings all your Geographic Information System (GIS) and IBM Maximo data together in one outstanding mobile asset management tool.

With InformME, you can get the best of ActiveG MapEngine in a rich, dynamic mobile platform.

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  • "ActiveG MapEngine...allows us to really leverage our GIS and Maximo systems in ways we never even considered."

    - Jeff Meyer, Senior Funcitonal Analyst, City of Corpus Christi

  • ActiveG InformME is 2013 IBM Tivoli "Best Of Show" Winner

    ActiveG won the 2013 IBM Tivoli Best of Show Award for its InformME product on March 2, 2013 at the IBM Pulse Convention in Las Vegas, NV. ActiveG displayed InformME’s ability to create and manage work orders and assets visually, in a mobile environment.

  • [ActiveG MapEngine] allows Asset Managers to relate the Maximo data to the railway as they know it..."

    John Woollett, LU-JNP GIS Manager

Advanced Consulting

ActiveG data experts provide essential knowledge, expertise, and consulting services to help you get your GIS data ready for Maximo. Whether you need help implementing Maximo Spatial or ActiveG's premier spatial integration for Maximo--MapEngine, ActiveG has the spatial data experts you need.

Spatial Integration

ActiveG solutions seamlessly integrate your enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) and IBM Maximo system.

Maximo + Maps = 100% Spatial Goodness

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